E-Training on the Compilation and Application of Environmentally Extended Supply-Use Tables (EE-SUTs) in Africa

This training is made training module to strengthening the capacities of national accountants and related staff in Environmentally Extended Supply-Use Tables compilation methods


SDG13: Climate action
SDG15: Life on land
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Systemic Issues
Economics and development
Economic statistics
Macroeconomic statistics
Economic accounts
Environment and multi-domain statistics

Content of the course:

  • Session 1: Course overview and introduction to the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)
  • Session 2: The theory and practice of Environmentally Extended Supply-Use Tables (EE-SUTs)
  • Session 3: Water accounts
  • Session 4: Energy accounts
  • Session 5: Emission accounts
  • Session 6: Land accounts
  • Session 7: Forest accounts
  • Session 8: Waste accounts
  • Session 9: Application of EE-SUTs to public policy
  • Session 10: Application of EE-SUTs to sustainable development and the SDGs

This course was organized in March-May 2018. However, all the presentations, WebEx discussions and exchanges, questions and answers, and quiz are available on the training website.

Target Audience

National Accountants

Learning Objectives

(a) to acquire a good understanding of the related concepts, definitions, classifications, accounting framework, techniques, and data sources that are important for the compilation and application of EE SUTs;
(b) to reach out and benefit the maximum number of countries and participants on the continent; and
(c) to create a permanent platform and knowledge base that will enable information sharing and learning during and beyond the e-trainings.