The Gender Statistics Online Training Toolkit

This online toolkit is designed to support the establishment of a strong foundation of knowledgeable practitioners (users and producers) for the development of gender statistics at the country level, and to promote continued capacity building and learning by producers and users of these statistics.


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SDG5: Gender equality
SDG10: Reducing inequalities
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Systemic Issues
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Demographic and social statistics
Methodology and statistical processes
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In this course, participants will be oriented to best practices and issues in planning, gathering and sharing unbiased gender statistics so they can be used as a basis for informed decision making, policy and programme formulation and monitoring. The Toolkit is structured around four modules, each of which include a final quiz.

The Gender Statistics Online Training Toolkit consists of four modules covering following areas:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Gender Statistics
  • Module 2: Planning for Gender Statistics
  • Module 3: Producing Gender Statistics (module is divided into two parts 3A and 3B (on time-use survey))
  • Module 4: Communicating and Using Gender Statistics as a Tool for Change

In order to take the training, each user has to create their account on the platform and enroll in the course. Each module ends with a quiz, which the learner needs to pass in order to successfully complete the whole course. Upon the completion of the course and filling of the evaluation form, the user will be able to issue a downloadable certificate of completion with their name. The toolkit has also a Resource Centre for further reading at the bottom of appropriate courses. The training can be part of a facilitated course, e.g. as pre-work, or it can be used a self-learning tool. The modules can be taken independently, but please note that in order to obtain the certificate all the four modules must be Producers of official statistics at all levels:

Target Audience

The training is intended for a various type of users including both producers and users of official statistics at all levels as well as trainers and trainees of statistical institutes and training centres. These are the followings:


1 - Producers of official statistics at all levels:

  • NSOs
  • Line ministries, departments and agencies
  • Provincial/district offices responsible for compiling statistics for dissemination and their use for programming and designing policy interventions

2 - Users of statistics:

  • Planners
  • Monitoring and evaluation officials
  • Civil society organizations
  • Gender activists

3 - Trainers of statistical institutes and training centers