DHS Dataset Users Online Course

The main goal of the Dataset Users Online Course is to strengthen the capacity of users of DHS data to use, analyze, and interpret DHS data using statistical software.


SDG2: Zero hunger
SDG3: Good health and well-being for people
SDG5: Gender equality
Health and Demographic Statistics
Demographic and social statistics
Methodology and statistical processes
Household surveys
data analysis

The course will enable users to practice these skills using standardized DHS model datasets. In addition, the course will provide users with a better understanding of DHS surveys, sample design, and data structure.

Target Audience

Those with an interest in research and analysis related to demography, public health, economics, sociology, or other social sciences, who are planning to use DHS data such as academics or students or staff conducting policy or program-oriented research.

Learning Objectives

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the elements of DHS surveys
  • Recognize the DHS survey methodology and questionnaires
  • Understand the process of sampling and weighting and how DHS adjusts for the effect of complex sample design
  • Differentiate among DHS data files and variables names
  • Conduct basic analysis in Stata¬†statistical software
  • Open datasets and find variables of interest
  • Recode variables¬†in Stata
  • Run descriptive analyses (one-way and two-way tabulations)