SESRIC StatCaB Training Materials Repository

SESRIC StatCaB Training Materials Repository hosts the presentations, documents, and other materials used in the SESRIC StatCaB Programme trainings. Based on the language used during the trainings, materials are made available either in English, Arabic or French.


SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Capacity-building
Statistical Capacity Development
Demographic and social statistics
Gender and special population groups
Living conditions, poverty and inequality
Economic statistics
Environment and multi-domain statistics
Science, technology and innovation
Sustainable development
capacity building
knowledge sharing
south-south cooperation

SESRIC Statistical Capacity Building Programme (StatCaB) Reference Materials Repository ( serves as a reference point for the training materials (in English, Arabic or French) used in the SESRIC StatCaB Programme activities; and for other reference materials and statistical textbooks. The Repository facilitates the sharing of knowledge and information delivered by the experts/trainers who contributed to the training activities under the SESRIC StatCaB Programme. In this regard, SESRIC StatCaB Reference Materials Repository allows other official statisticians who did not participate in the SESRIC StatCaB Programmme activities gain access to training materials with a view to broaden their knowledge on official statistics themes of their interest.

The objective of the SESRIC StatCaB Programme is to contribute to the strengthening of the National Statistical Systems (NSSs) of the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to produce better national statistics, thereby assisting policymakers in improving national policies and implementing national, regional and global development plans. The SESRIC StatCaB Programme, since its initiation in 2007, caters to the statistical capacity development needs of OIC member countries and has proven to be a model programme for the other capacity development programmes currently conducted by SESRIC. Based on the collected information from the National Statistical Offices of OIC member countries through the biennial StatCaB Questionnaire, SESRIC assesses statistical training needs and capacities, matches these needs and capacities and facilitates the transfer of statistical knowledge accumulated in OIC member countries to others by organising short-term statistical training courses, workshops, and online activities. From this perspective, the StatCaB Programme follows the South-South Cooperation principles and relies on the statistical expertise of OIC countries and their willingness to benefit from the expertise of others.

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